Barca And Getafe, Together Against The Coronavirus

Barca published a statement through their social media in which they showed their support to China because of the coronavirus.

The club have become aware of the cause. Both Barca and Getafe will come out on to the park alongside Chinese children from the ‘Unidades Penya Dracs Xinesos’ with a top with the slogan “Stronger Together”.

Both sides will show solidarity. Twitter/FCBarcelona

The match between Barca and Getafe at the Camp Nou on Saturday will be marked by a solidarity campaign of support to those affected by the coronavirus.

An initiative from Barca that will take place before the match between the two sides.

Both sides will go out on to the park with children of Chinese origin from the Unidades Penya Dracs Xinesos’.

They will also wear tops with the message “Stronger Together”. This same slogan will also appear on a canvas presented on the field, both in English and Chinese.

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The club thus hope to make the most of their international relevance to show their solidarity with the Asian country, and especially towards those affected by a virus that has now taken more than 1300 lives and has affected more than 60,000 people

It must be remembered that Barca have a close relationship with China and even have a permanent office in Hong Kong. They also have 6 Barca Academies scattered in the cities of Haikou, Chengdu, Quingdao, Lijiang, Kunming, and Fuxian Lake.

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